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Troy Denkinger

525 Clinton Avenue, #8S / Brooklyn, NY 11238 phone: 773.218.9544 / email: blog: / github:

I am a technology leader who has spent years building teams I trust, and who trust each other, to get the job done. I’m looking for a company and team who understand that software development is a human endeavor.

Professional Experience

TuneCore, Inc.

Vice President of Engineering / Brooklyn / June 2014 - Present

At TuneCore I am responsible for all technical implementations, including platform architecural decisions. I work closely with technical leads and businsess owners to make sure we are delivering content of value to our customers.

  • I manage the day-to-day development of our primary software platforms:

    • The customer content management system is the front-facing platform allowing customers to create their album and single releases, associate metadata with releases, and upload media assets to be distributed with those releases.

    • Our e-commerce system allows customers to pay for the releases they want to distribute through us. This platform integrates with Braintree for credit card payments and stored bank accounts as well as with Paypal directly.

    • We have built a content distribution cloud that handles several hundred releases daily sent to over 30 digital music outlets. This system is built on Amazon Web Services, using the waiting workload to increase and decrease the number of live servers to ensure even loads and smooth deliveries.

    • Completing the suite of platforms is our sales ingestion processing system. This is a Rails-based finance system taking in the various types of sales reports from the digital music services we distribute to. Those reports are broken down, matching individual streams and sales against existing distributed content, and correctly assigning payment amounts to individual customers’ accounts.

  • I work closely with the product management team to make sure all user stories are vetted, ready for development, and correctly prioritized.

  • My position requires that I be the primary representative of our team’s technical decisions to the other members of the management team and that I communicate high-level management decisions back to the team. I sit on the executive management compass team that lays out and justifies overall company direction.

  • As the senior technical member of the team, I have responsibility for the overall adoption of our agile processes and practices. Additionally, I regularly present new agile practices to the team.

SonyDADC New Media Services (relentlessGENERATOR)

Vice President of Engineering & Network Operations / New York City / October 2010 - May 2014

My duties straddled both tactical and strategic concerns. I worked directly with developers on systems design, and even wrote some code. I was also responsible for more strategic issues such as maintenance of product roadmaps in accordance with company goals and identification of projects eligible for capitalization. I also had full budgetary responsibility for all engineering projects and teams.

  • Platform Engineering & Network Operations. I managed a team of Rails engineers, Java engineers, and network operations staff tasked with building and maintaining the codebases on which all Sony and many non-Sony recording artist ecommerce stores are built. My responsibilities included

    • The overall functioning and maintenance of the software and infrastructure to operate the business on a global basis.
    • Working with Product Management and other members of the management team to ensure that platform development and network operations activities were aligned with the short term and long term goals of the company technology roadmap.
    • Consulting with Project Management and Business Development in vetting the technical feasibility of new projects.
    • Ensuring that all software was developed to the highest standards of quality and fully documented.
    • Working with the CEO to ensure that personal goals and objectives were aligned with company goals and objectives.
    • Providing direct reports and all members of the team with goals and objectives that were aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.
    • Recruiting talent that enabled the company to execute quickly and cost effectively.
    • Coordinating with the CEO and CFO to determine the budget required to meet the goals and objectives of the company and to manage the agreed-upon budget.
    • Continually working with the team to ensure the company was driving innovation by employing new and relevant technology, processes, and vendors.
  • Agility and Lean Evangelism. I have been an advocate of agile methods and processes since 2005 and was acquainted with eXtreme Programming as early as 2000. At Generator I encouraged product and project managers and developers to continue refining our agile practices. We were far from a perfect example, but we strived to improve all the time. And I was always looking for places to introduce agility and lean practices throughout the organization, not just within my own group.

Independent Consultant

Development and Project Management Consulting / Chicago / February 2009 - October 2010

With the closure of TotalMusic, I began working on independent consulting projects primarily associated with the digital music space. My duties on these projects have encompassed system architecture, software development, project management, and business analysis.

  • I managed the Ariama project for Sony Music Entertainment. Ariama was an online classical music store selling high quality digital music files and presenting classical-centric metadata in a unique manner.

  • I designed and built the content processing system and other systems that support Ariama’s operations. This includes metadata cleanup and normalization systems, media transcoding, data warehouse operations, and sales reporting. These systems were Ruby-based.

  • As a content management system expert, I consulted with LimeWire LLC in their due diligence process considering the purchase of one of their competitors.

TotalMusic, LLC

Director of Software Engineering / Herndon / February 2008 - February 2009

TotalMusic was an API-based music platform providing music file delivery, user-generated content storage and sharing, and a music download store.

I managed a team of 14 engineers (Rails, PHP, Java) and technical staff building all facets of our platform. Additionally, I functioned as the Scrum Master, and our use of Scrum development methods was successful in delivering functioning software.

Independent Online Digital Alliance (IODA)

Software Engineering Manager / San Francisco / May 2007 - February 2008

IODA was a digital media company providing content distribution and accounting services to independent record labels. They encode and deliver digital music and video to all major online music services, including iTunes, eMusic, and Rhapsody.

I managed a team of seven Perl engineers responsible for all systems engineering tasks including content ingestion, media file transcoding, media file delivery, and royalty accounting.

FullAudio/MusicNow/AOL Music Now

Manager Of Music Service Development / Chicago / January 2000 - April 2007

The Music Now division of AOL was a subscription-centric music service providing over three million music tracks to our 500,000 paying subscribers. Our service also had a purchase component, much like Apple iTunes, which allowed our two million shopper members to purchase music and videos.

I managed a team of 7 engineers using Java-based technologies.


U.S. Patent No. 9886566, issued February 6, 2018: Digital content distribution and subscription system

U.S. Patent No. 9397991, issued July 19, 2016: Digital content distribution and subscription system

U.S. Patent No. 8606684, issued December 12, 2013: Digital content distribution and subscription system

Educational Background

Loyola University / Chicago, IL / Philosophy, Graduate Studies University of Northern Iowa / Cedar Falls, IA. / Philosophy, BA